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One of the great benefits of legal practice in Orange County is the collegial nature of the Orange County bar. In addition to the Orange County Bar Association, there are a number of interesting and diverse bar organizations in Orange County that provide support for their members and the community.

Celtic Bar Association

There are seven separate Celtic nations, all of which are connected to one another by common history and culture. These seven nations are Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man (if your ancestors are from Man, your dues are waived for the first year), Galicia (in Spain), Brittany (in France), and Cornwall (in England). While there are many Irish-American lawyers’ groups in major cities in the United States, the CBA is the one of the first attempt to gather all the Celtic clans in a single legal organization.

One does not have to be of Celtic descent to join the CBA. The CBA meets on the third Tuesday of each month at Muldoon’s Irish Pub located near Fashion Island at 202 Newport Center Drive.

To learn more about the Celtic Bar Association, please visit the Orange County Bar Association website at

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Federal Bar Association, Orange County Chapter

The FBA is the preeminent national organization for private and government lawyers and judges involved in federal practice. The Orange County Chapter covers the spectrum of federal legal practice in Orange County. Regular programs and events provide a unique opportunity to meet federal judges and their staffs, stay current on the latest developments in federal practice, and meet and learn from other federal practitioners in our community. The FBA/OC has won numerous national awards as an outstanding chapter, for its innovative and valuable programs and for its excellent newsletter.

To learn more about the FBA/OC , please visit their website at:

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Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County

The Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County promotes education, unity, and excellence in the Hispanic legal community by expanding the business and professional opportunities available to its members; enhancing the members’ business and professional stature in the Hispanic community; increasing the participation of Hispanic leaders in civic affairs and enhancing the quality of life for the members and the community.

Membership is open to all interested individuals. For more information, please visit their website at

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Lex Romana

Lex Romana also known as the Italian American Lawyers of Orange County strives to be the premier affiliate to engage in exquisite legal, cultural, and gastronomic delights.

Lex Romana meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at a different Italian restaurant in Orange County. In addition to sharing great Italian food, and speaking with the numerous members of the local judiciary who join us each month, Lex Romana monthly topics range from “How to grow Italian tomatoes” to” The trials and tribulations of renovating a 100-year old house in Italy.” Lex Romana has also joined both the Celtic and Hispanic Bars for dinners in the past.

Nearly 100 members, non-Italians and non-lawyers amongst them, have joined Lex Romana.

For more information about Lex Romana, please visit their website

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Orange County Asian-American Bar Association

Established to meet the needs of the Asian American legal community, OCAABA’s objectives include promoting professional development and personal growth of its members; fostering the exchange of ideas and information between OCAABA and other participants of the legal profession and community at large; providing a forum for fellowship among OCAABA members of other civic organizations; promoting educational and civic events and programs which would enhance the community’s knowledge and understanding of, and thus appreciation for, the legal system and the profession of law; and providing a vehicle and forum for the expression of reasonable opinion arising in the Asian community on current social, political, economic, legal or other matters of event or concern. OCAABA is a multi-cultural bar organization open to all lawyers, judicial officers, law students, and other interested persons.

For more information about OCAABA, please visit their website at

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Orange County Bar Association

The Orange County Bar Association provides a wide variety of programs, services and opportunities for its attorney members, the judiciary, and the community. The OCBA is one of the largest voluntary bar associations in California, with over 9,000 members. Members meet regularly in sections and committees dedicated to various areas of law and issues of concern to the legal community.

To learn more about OCBA, please visit their website at

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Orange County Korean American Bar Association

OC KABA was established in November 2005 to promote networking among minority attorneys, provide more effective legal counsel to the local Orange County community, serve the Korean-American community’s legal needs with pro bono services, promote the appointment of Korean judges, and assist law students in making the transitions into full-time law practice.   Currently there are over 150 Korean American attorneys registered in Orange County.

For more information about OC KABA, please visit their website at

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Orange County Trial Lawyers Association

The Orange County Trial Lawyers Association was formed in 1963 by a group of plaintiffs’ attorneys to advance jurisprudence and promote the art of advocacy. Today the mission of OCTLA is to represent the interests of plaintiffs’ trial lawyers and their clients; improve the quality of legal representation by educating trial lawyers and other legal professionals; encourage cooperation among members; promote the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity among trial lawyers; protect the right of injured victims; promote the public good through concerted efforts to secure safe products, a safe workplace, a clean environment, eliminate discrimination, and quality health care; promote the administration of justice; and preserve the constitutional right to trial by jury.

All attorneys engaged in trial practice in Orange County are encouraged to join.
To learn more about OCTLA, please visit their website at

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Orange County Women Lawyers Association

Orange County Women Lawyers Association (OCWLA) was founded more than 25 years ago in order to advance the status of women in the legal profession. Our growing membership is made up of women and men who support diversity and parity at all levels, including judicial office and law firm partnership. OCWLA is an affiliate of California Women Lawyers and the OCBA.

OCWLA luncheon meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at the Turnip Rose in Orange to provide a forum for members to interact with judges, attorneys and other professionals. OCWLA publishes a quarterly newsletter and maintains a website to share information about OCWLA events and members.

For more information about OCWLA, please visit their website at

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South Asian Bar Association Of Southern California

SABA is dedicated to the advancement and development of South Asian attorneys as well as attorneys interested in issues affecting the South Asian community. SABA strives to promote the professional development of South Asian lawyers and law students, educate the South Asian community about relevant legal issues, expand and enhance business and professional opportunities for South Asians, increase the participation of South Asians in civic affairs and government, facilitate the exchange of ideas and information to South Asians, and foster goodwill, fellowship, and unity among the South Asian community.

SABA-SC is a member organization of the Multicultural Bar Alliance, the Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Los Angeles, and the North American South Asian Bar Association (NASABA), and hosted the first ever NASABA National Conference in 2004.

For more information about SABA, please visit their website at

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Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association

Organized in 1975, the Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association (SCCLA) provides mutual support for Chinese and Asian American lawyers, jurists and law students in Los Angeles and Orange counties. SCCLA goals are to advance the professional growth and interests of Chinese and Asian American lawyers, jurists and law students; to improve the access of the Chinese and Asian American community to legal services; and to promote the interests of the Chinese American and broader Asian Pacific American communities.

SCCLA is affiliated with the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), the Asian Pacific Bar of California (ABC) and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA).

For more information about SCCLA, please visit their website at

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Thurgood Marshall Bar Association

Thurgood Marshall Bar Association is a contemporary bar association committed to diversity, professional improvement and the advancement of justice through positive community involvement and excellence in the practice of law.

Thurgood Marshall Bar Association emphasizes excellence and integrity in the practice of law, increased diversity, multi-culturalism and community service.

Diversity and equality form the core of the American landscape. Unlike most other nations, both past and present, America boasts of its tolerance, and promotes itself as a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation. Though diversity and equality form the core of our representative democracy, our journey to a more perfect union that fully realizes the legal, political and social benefits of these principles continues.

As we seek to further our journey toward increased inclusiveness, diversity and equality, Thurgood Marshall Bar Association also seeks to honor our namesake, who devoted his professional life to realizing those principles.

Thurgood Marshall Bar Association is an affiliate of the Orange County Bar Association. For more information about the organization, please visit their website at

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*Information about the above organizations was gathered from the Orange County Bar Association website as well as websites of the individual organizations.  Content was edited for space and continuity.