Why Live and Work in Orange County?

Orange County offers a young lawyer not only an extraordinary place to live and raise a family, but also the possibility of building a client base and establishing his or her reputation in a sophisticated business community.

Unlike more sizeable markets such as Los Angeles, Orange County’s small and stable business market enables young lawyers to build practices more rapidly.  Generally, cases and deals are staffed more lightly in Orange County branch offices of large firms, affording young lawyers opportunities for client contact earlier in their career.  Here, young lawyers can more easily become acquainted with the business community and create lasting client relationships.  The Young Lawyers Division of the Orange County Bar Association is extremely active and well-attended, providing young attorneys an exciting means of networking with their peers.

In contrast with other small business communities such as Silicon Valley, Orange County is a stable legal market because it has a diverse economy where no one industry dominates.  Hospitality and Tourism, Business and Professional Services, Health Services, Construction, Computer Hardware and Electronics, Computer Software, Biomedical, Communications, Defense and Aerospace, and Energy and Environmental are all industries with a significant presence in Orange County, and it continues to grow and attract new, dynamic companies in cutting-edge industries.  As a result, Orange County, just like the major metropolitan markets, offers a sophisticated legal practice and clients with complex and substantial legal requirements.

In addition to the top-tier quality of legal practice it offers, Orange County is a wonderful place to live.  Beautiful beaches, great schools, low crime, tidy neighborhoods, a multiplicity of outdoor activities, arts and entertainment, spectacular shopping and great restaurants are just a few of the benefits of Orange County life.  And contrary to popular opinion, Orange County is quite diverse, offering many different cultural experiences.

Over and above all that Orange County has to offer, young lawyers generally earn the same as their peers in larger California markets, while housing prices tend to be slightly lower.  Add it all together and today’s young lawyer seeking to jump‑start his or her career should look long and hard at Orange County – the gem of Southern California.